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The Linpack benchmark code measures floating point computation performance. For more information, see the Linpack Benchmark FAQ. This compiles the benchmark using double precision (-DDP) values and not unrolling the loops (-DROLL). LINPACK_BENCH is a C program which carries out the LINPACK benchmark The LINPACK benchmark is a test problem used to rate the performance of a. Example of Output * * Rolled Double Precision Linpack Benchmark - PC Version in 'C/C++' * * Compiler Watcom C/C++ Win

Translated to C by Bonnie Toy 5/88 - modified on 2/25/94 to fix a problem with daxpy for Linpack\n\n"); ops = (e0*(n*n*n))/ + *(n*n); matgen(a,lda,n,b . The LINPACK Benchmarks are a measure of a system's floating point computing power. . HPL is a portable implementation of HPLinpack that was written in C, originally as a guideline, but that is now widely used to provide data for the. However, it does provide a quick way of running the Linpack benchmark in various different languages: C, C++, Fortran, Java, python and Matlab. There is also a.

wget mv linpack.c gcc -O3 -march=native linpack.c -o linpack -lm./linpack. LINPACK. THIS VERSION DATED 08/14/ CLEVE MOLER, UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO, ARGONNE NATIONAL LAB. SUBROUTINES AND FUNCTIONS. The following table collects performance results for the double precision (bit) Linpack benchmark program in C using the native Sun C. #include float sdot(long n,float *sx,long incx,float *sy,long incy) { static long i,ix,iy,m,mp1; static float sdot,stemp;.


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